What is IVOISS?

IVOISS is a new Internet communication system that lets you make calls and video calls and send messages for free to all other IVOISS users from a smartphone or PC.

IVOISS also lets you make calls at very low rates to all landlines and mobile numbers that do not have IVOISS, using prepaid IVOISS Out credit purchased with a credit card. The application is available for free for iPhone (Ipod Touch, Ipad), Android and PC.

IVOISS also allows you to call the landlines and mobiles of non-IVOISS users at particularly low rates: all you need to do is purchase prepaid credit using your credit card.

Free services

With the IVOISS free services you can make calls and video calls for free to other IVOISS users, as well as receive them, using your smartphone or computer and the free application downloaded from the IVOISS website. Sending messages to other IVOISS users is also completely free.

Premium services


The premium service, IVOISS Out, lets you save on calls to non-IVOISS landline and mobile numbers worldwide. With IVOISS Out you can call any landline or mobile number in the world at extremely low rates, even those not using IVOISS or that have not activated the service. You can buy IVOISS Out credit on your smartphone or the IVOISS website.


This is a national number you can purchase which is then linked to you smartphone or computer. Relatives, friends and colleagues can call you for the price of a national call on the landline network even when you are abroad, as long as your smartphone is connected to the Internet and has IVOISS activated. This new feature enables you to receive calls on IVOISS without paying voice roaming charges.

Smart Adress Book

IVOISS presents the Smart address book: all the contacts in your smartphone address books are accessible at all times from within the IVOISS mobile application