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Are you in need of a trustworthy hosting platform?

With IVOISS’s first-rate hosting service, you have all the freedom to customise and administrate your server as it suits you. Our security, consistent performance and esteemed reliability* translate into high uptime for your server.

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We offer flexible and customisable support options, based on how involved you want to be in your hosting environment; and hardware specs can be built to order on a case by case basis.

With Managed Servers, get maximum performance and uptime for your apps, with minimal effort, as IVOISS fully manages and administrates your server for you! Our expertise in server management at your disposal - choose IVOISS!

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*View our track record for uptime here (99.99% uptime)

Customize your server

Web Hosting Plesk

Software that grants you access to manage your server through an intuitive web-based interface. It includes domain, mail, DNS, FTP, database and SSL certificate-management.

Domain Names

Prioritise your online identity.

Private Cloud

Infrastructure service, with flexible resources dedicated to your enterprise that allows you to run and scale an entire application environment securely, in your data centre or in ours.