Internet via Satellite Backup

Many unforeseen natural or man-made disasters can incapacitate physical lines, leaving your business paralysed with huge concomitant losses!

The connectivity of your business is imperative for success, and when networks fail, internet via satellite backup ensures your business won't. Hire an autonomous internet connection with IVOISS today, a redundancy plan that can save your business! Internet via satellite is a reliable service, independent of location or local network infrastructure for its consistency. It boasts:

High speed

Continuity for your business process

Unlimited on-demand connectivity


How it works?

Satellite Internet is a high speed digital link to the global network. Using a satellite modem and a satellite dish with a minimum .74m/29" in diameter, (though we recommend 1.2m/47" or larger for optimum performance), IP data is sent to a geostationary satellite that is connected through the Network Operations Centre (NOC) Satellite Hub to the global network.