SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking is a telephone service delivered via the internet. An Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) like IVOISS provides SIP Trunks. SIP Trunks use DID (Direct Inward Dialling) numbers to create multiple numbers for the same channel.

Usually customers will continue to have their traditional PSTN lines connected to the PBX or PHONE so this can be used for emergency services and as backup if the SIP Trunk is down.

You need a SIP-compatible phone or PBX.

It should work with all routers although business grade equipment is recommended.

IVOISS In - Local DID & Toll-Free Numbers

A DID (Direct Inward Dialling) number, sometimes DDI or Virtual Number, is a local telephone number in a specific country or city. These numbers can be forwarded by IVOISS to SIP enabled devices or optionally to PSTN (regular telephones). A DID permits the reception of multiple calls directed to the same number simultaneously.

Typically a DID is used to supply customers with local telephone numbers: for inbound calls on a worldwide basis, or to expedite access from regular telephones to non-PSTN destinations such as VoIP.

A DID permits the reception of multiple calls directed to the same number simultaneously. DID is:

Smart Spending: with a fixed monthly quota for each DID number, you can enjoy countless incoming calls of unlimited duration!*

Custom Made: although the standard DID number has two channels, we offer multiple channels per phone line and many personalized options, so you can create an efficient network infrastructure for your enterprise.

Private & Secure: we provide encryption using IPSec at your discretion; call records are stored securely and are accessible when you need them.

*Forwarding to PSTN will be charged at the current IVOISS rate for the destination chosen.

Rent now and gain global access with local phone numbers!

Increase the inbound capacity of your DID numbers by ordering additional dedicated (non-shared) or flexible (shared) channels in all of the following countries: *yet to be updated

Private Cloud & IVOISS App

A private cloud provides computing power as a service within a virtualised environment using an underlying group of computing hardware. Privacy is highlighted because it's only accessible by the specified client, and provides you with greater security and control.

A private cloud may be hosted in your data centre or in your service provider's data centre, and can be accessed across private rented lines or secure encrypted connections via public networks.

VoIP traffic can be hijacked as it travels through the public internet, and calls can be monitored and recorded. Today, the safety of your data is one of the main concerns when choosing a communications platform. The confidentiality of your information is imperative to IVOISS; and we address the security issue by using strong encryption technologies for all on-net messaging, voice and video calls.