VOIP Solutions

Secure, Customisable and Cost-Effective

IVOISS was created to complement existing telecommunications services with different complementary solutions, capable of substantially reducing your communication costs.

IVOISS personalises its VoIP service

...to accommodate your specific business needs. Our projects are tailored based on each client’s distinct case, and geared to optimise your system of connections and build a stable yet versatile communications platform for your business

IVOISS prioritises the protection of your data

...as it travels across the net, and so partial to full encryption is available at your discretion. Our expertise and tactical acumen as an ITSP will ensure we find a solution to simplify and secure your VoIP access to the global telecom network

IVOISS offers the most competitive rates

...on the market, conducive to substantially reducing your communication costs. Rely on our specialists to revamp your system so you can finally enjoy the secure and cost-effective service you deserve