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What is Ivoiss?

Ivoiss is a free application that lets you make calls, video calls and send messages to other Ivoiss users via the Internet, from a smartphone (Wi-Fi, 3G), wherever you are located.


Call for free!

With Ivoiss, you can call other Ivoiss users anywhere in the world for free. Just download the application and find you friends that already have IVOISS to call them for free, if the user is offline you can always call him on his mobile for a very low fee.


Send free messages

Is the number of SMS provided by your mobile operator never enough? With Ivoiss, sending messages to your friends, relatives and colleagues is free and unlimited if they are also Ivoiss users, even when abroad, if they are not Ivoiss users you can send SMS to their mobile starting at 0.01€. Invite them to use Ivoiss immediately!


Video Calls

With Ivoiss, you can make video calls to your friends and share the important moments of your day, wherever you are. If you're away on business, you can collaborate with your colleagues as if you were in the office.

Smart adress book

Ivoiss presents the Smart address book: all the contacts in your smartphone address books are accessible at all times from within the Ivoiss mobile application


Ivoiss Out

With Ivoiss, you can call non-Ivoiss users at exceptional rates. You can call landlines and mobiles worldwide for less than 0.01€ per minute, with per second billing from the first second and no connection fee.


Download Ivoiss now!

For Smartphone

Install Ivoiss and take it with you wherever you go.